La La Anthony on That Big 'Power' Moment and What It Means to Be a Good Man (2024)

Read at your own risk! The below interview contains spoilers for the current season of Power.

As we've moved through the final season of Starz's hit series, Power, there's been a welcomed uptick in the agency of the show's female characters. In a drama that has long focused on the machinations of men, in season six, fans finally got to see Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton) and LaKeisha "Keisha" Grant (La La Anthony), take the reins in their own lives. And while it's been glorious to watch, the women's moves have come with some major repercussions.

In the last episode, Keisha shockingly met her demise while struggling with Tasha for a gun. Her death was met with mixed reactions, both online and by the series' stars. Anthony — who'd been on the show since it debuted in 2014 — said no matter how they felt about her character, fans are definitely going to miss Keisha.

"I’m sure I will see tons of people celebrating that she’s been killed, because they wanted her to go, but then some people will be really sad," Anthony told EW. "I think a lot of people who thought they’d be happy about her getting killed off are going to be like, 'Damn, as much as I didn’t think I’d miss her, I actually miss LaKeisha.'"

Predictably, Anthony had conflicted feelings about being killed off the show — an experience shared by many actors who've met a similar fate — and took to Instagram to explain that the episode was "hard to watch." After praising co-stars Naughton, Omari Hardwick, and Joseph Sikora, Anthony once again stood up for Keisha. "Whether you loved her or hated her, I appreciate you so much! Love really makes you do crazy things," she said.

While her run on Power may be over, don’t feel too sad for Anthony. She's a New York Times best-selling author and an über successful fashion and beauty entrepreneur. Her first book, The Love Playbook, is being adapted for film and is being co-executive produced by Anthony and Queen Latifah. She's also slated to star in an upcoming series for Starz called Intercepted, and next, she'll appear in Netflix's, Holiday Rush, which is due out this fall.

Recently, Shondaland caught up with Anthony to talk about life after Power, how she stays grounded, and her love of producing.

SUSAN HORNIK: What's the biggest lesson you've learned from Power?

LA LA ANTHONY: Power definitely stretched me as an actress and I grew a lot personally and professionally. I learned so much being surrounded by such amazing and talented actors.

SH: Given Power's popularity, and your many seasons on the series, how do you feel about the show ending?

LLA: The show isn’t ending! The story will live on through spin-offs. It is bittersweet, especially being on the show for six years, but the relationships and friendships I’ve made over the years will continue long after— and I’m happy about that!

SH: What do you hope to accomplish with your new Starz drama, Intercepted, which you're also producing?

LLA: I just want to be able to showcase gritty, edgy, real television that conquers the world of sports and a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that we never really hear about.

SH: You made your Broadway producing debut in 2016 with the Tony Award nominated Eclipsed, the first all-black-female Broadway show starring Lupita Nyong’o. What do you like about producing?

LLA: I was always interested in producing! Before Intercepted and Eclipsed, I produced documentaries like Killer Curves on BET. After that experience, I wanted to produce more scripted television. Intercepted was the perfect opportunity. 50 [Cent] and I have similar taste when it comes to television, so I'm looking forward to bring content to television that I think is cool and that I think people will be excited about.

SH: And you have a Netflix holiday film too!

LLA: Yes, the movie comes out this fall. It was fun to team back up with Romany Malco after all these years from when we worked together on Think Like A Man and Think Like A Man Too. I actually enjoy holiday movies and this film really captures what family means, especially during the holidays.

SH: Speaking of family, in the current climate of women's rights and women's issues, how do you continue to raise your son with awareness about what it means to be a good man these days?

LLA: I definitely think communication is important. I had a conversation with my son recently about the proper way to treat young girls his age (he’s 12). I always look to show him positive examples of black men in the world that know how to treat women, and are making an impact in their communities and the world around them.

I had a conversation with my son recently about the proper way to treat young girls his age (he’s 12). I always look to show him positive examples of black men in the world.

SH: What did you think about all the protests that took place in Puerto Rico earlier this year?

LLA: Initially, I was sad to see that it had to even come to that, but I was empowered and inspired to watch my people come together in a non-violent way to have their voices heard, fight for the issues they believed in, and actually demand change.

SH: You have also been on Beverly Hills 90210 for their first season. Were you a fan of the original?

LLA: I was a fan of the show, but didn’t understand the show’s impact until I was cast – I had a lot of friends and people reach out to let me know how excited they were to hear I was involved with the reboot. This just shows how much the fans still love the original and the characters after all this time.

SH: With so much going on, how do you stay grounded?

LLA: I think by keeping my family around me — they definitely keep me grounded and knew me before everything. They never let me forget my roots!

SH: What’s the latest happening with your fashion line?

LLA: The La La Anthony Collection now has its own e-commerce site and we have collaborated with Foot Locker on an exclusive athleisure collection, with sizes ranging from S-3X. The line has everything from jackets, to rompers and matching set.

SH: As an entrepreneur with a proven track record, what advice do you have for up and coming women of color fashion designers?

LLA: My advice is to really understand your brand and what you're bringing to the table. Make sure that you're up on the market so that you're able to really hone in on how to better serve your customer base.

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La La Anthony on That Big 'Power' Moment and What It Means to Be a Good Man (2024)


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